Announcing the Launch of Data360


From: Tom Paper []
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 3:43 PM
To: Friends
Subject: Announcing the launch of Data360

October 6, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Announcing the launch of Data360, a free collaborative trend tracking website!

With Data360, you can track, store, chart and build reports for your data. You can also collaborate with other people’s data by using their data in your reports. Additionally, you can make calculations and correlations with both your data and other people’s data.

How Data360 Came into Being For Your Use

Data360 has been two years in the making, born of the frustration of seeing data poorly presented in newspapers, as well as long hours spent looking for data on the internet.

Our goal is to make the web’s foremost clearinghouse for data, a free and useful place to go when you want to find data. Anyone will be able to track their data, without charge and on virtually any subject, by creating their own “Organization,” through which their data will be stored, updated and viewed. The world is awash in data and our aim is become the one place where people can go to find interconnected and current data on various subjects.

Two years ago, I started tracking key economic and social trends in Microsoft Excel and sharing those trends with many of you. By last November, I realized that there had to be a better way to store, analyze and share this information, so a group of us at Webster Pacific began plotting out how we would build a website to house our information. Along the way, we realized that we were building a tool that many other people might find valuable, so we decided to expand our effort into something that others could use and, more importantly, something that would be collaborative.

Analysis and Reports

Data360 has been built to foster the same type of reports that I sent to many of you over the past couple years. To see my latest analysis of Economic, Business and Social issues, click here to download PDF.

Customizable Versions Available for Privacy

We hope that Data360 will be useful for individuals, students, teachers, professors, businesses and advocacy organizations, but we also recognize that we don’t know all the potential users. We are giving away the software to encourage maximum collaboration and use of the site, which in turn makes it more useful to the community of users. For those who want a private Organization, where they can use the software and access the public information and still keep their Organization’s assessments private, we will charge $90 per month. Data360 is owned by Webster Systems LLC, a sister company to Webster Pacific LLC, the strategic and financial consulting firm that I manage.

Requesting Feedback!

The current version is a beta version, meaning we know it is not perfect. We are interested in your thoughts on how we can make this site better. We do know that speed of loading on the web could be improved, file sizes of pdf’s could be reduced and graphic quality of pdf’s could be improved. Future versions of Data360 will include the following features: a) XML updating so that data is automatically updated, without the need for manual data entry; b) establishment of a group of about 12 “critics” who will rate interesting and popular Data360 Organizations for the veracity of the information presented; c) a surveying module, where any group of individuals can be surveyed and the results can be reported within the Data360 system; d) log scale for graphs, as well as regression analysis.

We are very interested in your feedback and want to sincerely thank you for your consideration and support.


Tom Paper

P.S. Give it a try and please let us know what you think!

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