Web of Info


Web of Life

Life is pulsating with information.

Trends are occurring as we speak, all around us.

The point of Data360 is to harness that pulsating web of information.

We are starting the process of linking datasets from their original source to Data360.

This linking will create opportunities for people to know the current situation.

(Image by OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure) from a vision by Dawn Ceniceros. see http://www.obop.org/2003/plans.htm )


I watched an interesting video about the semantic web and RDF:


Here’s a definition of RDF.


Not sure if I’m a believer in the promise of the semantic web, which is that things can be “known” and “defined” by mining information, properly presented, that is sitting on the web. Hammersly talks about his dog and how a semantic web can “know” that dog based upon attributes which have been recorded on the web in “triples.” A triple is phrase that includes a subject, identifying verb and adjective. “Pico” “hasage” “20 months”.

I believe in the power of an individual who is informed, intelligent and with integrity to make accurate representations of the current reality and wise judgments based upon that current reality.


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