New Stuff


Some interesting new sites I’ve come across recently.

EconStats – Who is behind this site? It looks like it might be University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University. There are huge number of stats here from various economic sources. Not graphical at all, but the depth of material here is quite impressive.

International Center for Prison Studies. Use their search feature and find “per capita.” Interesting comparisions between countries. Doesn’t clearly tell for what year the data applies.

Jeffrey Veen. “Jeffrey Veen is one of the founding partners of Adaptive Path and project lead for Measure Map, the well-received web analytics tool recently acquired by Google. After five years with Adaptive Path, Jeff has moved on to Google, where he is a Design Manager.” Fun post about swivel and packman.

Matthew S. Theobald. Matt writes in response to Veen’s posting about Swivel, above, and tells the world about his site, ISEN. Behind the covers now. I’ll be interesed to see it when it comes out.

IBM’s Visual Communication Lab. Check this out!

ClearStats. Not yet launched….


One Response to “New Stuff”

  1. Matthew Theobald Says:

    Cover out from under the covers nowadays.
    See for Indiana Special Libraries Association presentation at the Indiana State Library

    Thanks for following ISEN!

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