SwivelA website called Swivel launched this past Wednesday. Since we launched on October 6th, this is the first site I have seen that attempts to do something similar to Data360. Notwithstanding intellectual property issues, the launch of their site provides validation to our work in the collaborative data field and I wish them well.

Both products do similar things, although I would say that where Swivel is more playful, Data360 is more serious. Our view is that it’s too easy for charts to lie; a well-done chart tells a story and is the result of intelligent and, sometimes, creative analysis.

Data360’s target audience is businesses, academics, non-profits and governmental organizations (”BANG”), while Swivel’s appears to be more individuals (”Youtube for Data”). Check out http://www.swivel.com/data_sets/list where they promote the most popular datasets, the top of which on December 9th, 2006, was “Travis’ Beer to Hate Chart.” (2nd was global GDP.)

Data360 provides a platform for an organization to report on its perspective, both on the web and with pdf reports generated from the data on the site. For an example of an organization’s perspective on the web, see http://newtithing.data360.org/. For an example of that same organization’s pdf of their perspective, see http://newtithing.data360.org/download.aspx and click on the “Static PDF” choice.


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