Data Frequency & Privacy


We had a meeting with a potential client/partner and some interesting things came out of it. First, there is a definite need to turn datasets of one time frequency into another time frequency. Days to weeks or days to years or months to years. Weeks to months is also needed and gets a bit trickier in the doing, but is definitely possible. Second, interesting how the sharing of data is something which gets even public organizations nervous. People seem to be more at ease sharing their info in a survey, as long as their info is not readily visible; those same people are then eager to compare themselves to other people/organizations of a similar background.

A couple more urls that are worth checking out (i know, i’m probably late to the game, but here they are…):

PopurlsPopurls – – a quick way of seeing what is going on in the world and what is being displayed on the most popular URL’s like digg, delicious, reddit, flickr, newsvine, metafilter, tailrank, youtube and many others. “With the intention to get a quick glance on what’s happening on the web while keeping the common newsreader clean from short-term headlines, popurls was launched in march 2006 by Thomas Marban who provided similar services since the introduction of RSS and is often mentioned for creating the original trend of “single page aggregators”. Rather than a tool, popurls is considered as a gate to an editorial selection of the most popular sites on the internet, presented in a usable way.”

StumbleuponStumbleupon – – a tool for ranking websites that you like. It’s a cool thing, but I’ve also found it a bit clunky and hard to navigate around….

DataplaceDataplace –“The relevant statistics you need, the simple delivery you want” – Maps and statistics about cities and states. –“Your guide to regional economic data.” I like this site a lot! Check out their “10 best sites.” EconData.Net has been compiled as a service to economic data users everywhere by Impresa, Inc. and Andrew Reamer & Associates, economic development consulting firms.


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