It’s been just over two months since we launched our site and I can firmly say that one of the greatest benefits of having launched is the discovery of the other individuals with similar interests in trends, clarity, information and software. Without Data360, I would not have met Marshall Poe, a brilliant and energetic thinker; I would not have deepened my relationship with Lori Ogden Moore, a leadership strategist and truly “wise” woman. The list goes on of interesting and fascinating people I’ve met, re-met or whose work I have discovered: John O’Neil, Gene Zelazny, Sanjay Vaswani, Gary Cohen, Sam Richter, Stephen Few, Amy Elsbree and even my sister, Cathy Paper, I have “re-discovered.” Nothing like a quest to bring out adventurous souls.

Stephen FewThe most interesting site I’ve come across is Stephen Few’s. Stephen is an “innovator, consultant, and educator in the fields of business intelligence and information design, [he] currently focus[es] on data visualization techniques for making sense of and communicating quantitative business information.” I can already tell that I am a great fan of his work.


Market Research WorldAnother interesting site is Market Research Portal, “MRP has been set-up and is run by a team of market research consultants that are based in the UK. The company that owns the site is Research Portals Ltd. It now has over 1,800 different visitors using the site on a daily basis, making it one of the busiest market research related sites.”


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