Element List


Element List

We received a nice post from Jackie Floyd who puts together a blog called Element List. Jackie noted that Data360 now has a new home page and suggested that all three of the major data sites are probably contemplating new features. She’s absolutely right about new features. Data360 will have an easy data upload feature within 45 days. It will be interesting to see how each site is grows. Our goal, quite simply, is to listen to our users and create a site where people can, find, share and present data….all in an objective manner.

Once merely a directory of science websites, Element List has grown to add a blog and, soon, social networking capabilities. Sticking to our roots as a directory of new and cool science websites for scientists, the Element List blog covers what’s happening on the web for scientists, students, and science aficionados. Element List is published and edited by Jacqueline Floyd. Jackie has a Ph.D. (2003) in Geophysics from Columbia University and currently holds positions as an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist at Columbia and as a scientist in industry.

Jackie has also posted an interesting and somewhat emotional video about Network Neutrality on her site.

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