Marshall Poe Interview


Marshall Poe

Peter Blau

Marshall Poe, one of our Editorial Board members, was interviewed recently by Paul DiPerna of Blau Exchange. (Marshall’s photo is the top photo above; the photo below is of Peter Blau, one of the 20th century’s most influential sociologists who passed away in 2002 and after whom Paul DiPerna’s current project is named. Click here to check out the fascinating story of Peter Blau.) Marshall talks about trends on the web and the book he is working on, prospectively titled “Everyone Knows Everything.” The interview, like so much of Marshall’s work, is fascinating and thought-provoking. See below the section of the interview regarding Data360. Click here to see the full interview.

Data360 is a serious data aggregation and presentation site. Its aim is to be the “dashboard for a democratic society.” Data360 contains serious historical and contemporary data of every kind—on the economy, military, politics, society, culture and so on. It’s what you need to know, data-wise, to be an informed citizen. The site also has a big user-generated component insofar as it allows users to contribute serious data to the site and share them with others.Data360 was started by Tom Paper, a broad-minded consultant in SF who saw the need to quickly and telegraphically present the “big picture” to his clients and, by extension, his fellow citizens. Tom believes, correctly I think, that a central repository for important, serious data will raise what we might call the ‘collective intelligence’ of both business and the nation.That’s the point of Data360—to make us all better decision makers. I met Tom through a friend. Once I heard his vision for Data360 I was sold and I’ve been contributing to the project ever since. I plan to continue to do so as the site grows.

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