Citizen Journalism


 SF Chronicle
Fascninating article in SF Chronicle by Vanessa Hua about new modes of journalism, especially those that involve “citizens” or those who might otherwise be readers.

“Citizen journalism is attracting attention not only because it engages consumers of information in new ways, but also because much of the content comes cheap, or free, in an industry faced with declining readerships, less advertising and cost cutting.” [click here for full text]

Data360 is headed in this direction. In the long term, we hope to become a trusted source for people to get regular data-driven graphical information about topics of importance to them.

See also an article about Ohmy News, a website based in Korea that largely depends upon “citizens” for content.

OhmyNews publishes about 150 stories each day, up to a third of which come from the professional staff and the rest from citizens. Readers can offer instant feedback online and monetary tips. The site attracts up to 800,000 unique visitors and up to 2 million page views a day. [click here for full text]


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