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June 20, 2007

weight scale hike wooden

I set up a new platform last night and, while I’m not excited about sharing my anal-tendencies or sometimes lack of self-discipline, let alone what I had for dinner last night, I do think it is a good example of how Data360 can be used to track metrics for self-improvement.

The platform is and I set it up because I want to lose 7 pounds by the time I go on a vacation on August 13th. Click here to see the platform. It’s not fancy or complicated, just a graph of my actual weight and goal weight, which goes down by about a pound a week. The platform also has a place for my comments about meals and exercise. To see the backup for all the data, click here.

I made this platform public so others could see it, but a private platform could easily be created on Data360 and accessed by a person on a self-improvement program, as well as their coach. We can also foresee coaches of any sort owning private platforms on Data360. That coach’s trainees could privately report their performance against metrics and the coach could access their performance and give individual feedback.