The Parking Matrix

NY Times July, 12, 2008 - streetline networks

NY Times July, 12, 2008 - streetline networks

Reality IS data.  If you don’t believe, check out fractal theory and how it is visualized in nature.  I’ve written about it here.  Our world is a series of self-repeating patterns.  After you’ve studied fractal theory, you’ll never think about broccholi in the same manner. 

What does this have to do with parking?  A nifty company called Streetline Networks is creating data that will be used to help the drivers within San Francisco know where there are empty parking spots.

Google is the leader, for certain, in creating data that represents reality.  It’s a gold rush to map the world, whether it’s the human genome or parking spots or satellite images, we’re already awash in data and more is coming.  To see where this is going, look to where we have a frustration and a cloudiness about what is happening. 

Also makes me think about the Matrix.

2 Responses to “The Parking Matrix”

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