New features – same direction – 2009


Several new features added to our site, including:

  • images – we can now load and display images
  • data plots – supercharged tables
  • news reviews – we are culling the news on a regular basis, looking the most interesting data-driven news
  • surveying – we now have a surveying tool that is part of the site

We have new features in development, including dynamic graphing.

Our mission is to become like a wikipedia for data.  Having worked for a large consulting company, I’ve seen the high-caliber reports (VERY DATA DRIVEN) that are available to paying customers.  But why should you have to pay such a steep price to get perspective on important issues?  The things that are happening in our world are not necessarily what the newspapers tell us is happening.  Often, certain topics get headlines when they are not significant.  For example, while I am appalled by every murder I read about, each one, from a statistical perspective, is not a significant event.  But the news magazines would have us believe that each one of these events is worthy of great attention. 

I believe that data-driven reports about important social and economic can be created and that these reports can become the basis for understanding the state of our world.  When you want to understand the budget of the State of California, where do you go?  When you want to understand global warming, where do you go?  When you want to understand crime in your city and how it compares to the rest of the US, where do you go?  When you want to understand the housing market in your city, where do you go?  In each case, you go to a thousand places and you spend a lot of time trying to figure things out. 

My point is that what is needed is a tool and an organization whose objective is to create a series of reports that can quickly educate people in a data-driven manner about the state of the world on subjects that are of importance to them.

One Response to “New features – same direction – 2009”

  1. Cathy Bottern Says:

    Good stuff. Statistics give the facts to be able to back up intuition and hunches. I work all day with people making changes and not until they see the actual numbers and facts do they really start to shift their thinking process. Data 360 is great.

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