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mementoInteresting article from The New York Times about brain and memory.  Managing memory, however, is nothing new:  self-help gurus have for years been promoting positive self-talk, which is a way of conditioning your brain’s memory.  The whole area of “brain fitness” is a growth industry where a company called PositScience sells “Brain Fitness Programs.”  Hollywood has also produced some interesting movies on the subject of memory, the most notable for me was one called “Memento.”  It’s amazing what people can and will do to manage the way they look at history.  And that brings me to Data360, where our purpose is to let history be history, without any pills or mind-bending alteration. 
 HEALTH / RESEARCH   | April 06, 2009
Brain Power:  Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory
An influx of money and talent into neuroscience has led to an experimental drug that could block certain memories.

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