Google moves into public data


google-dataIf imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Google has flattered Data360.  From their blog, “We just launched a new search feature that makes it easy to find and compare public data.”  They have a nice dynamic graphing capability, although they don’t have any of the reporting and data calculation capabilities of Data360.  I also can’t see how you can download their data or upload data into their site.  Click here to see Google’s new data product.  Official Google Blog: Adding search power to public data#

Venture Beat has the following to say about Google’s entry into public data:

Google just launched an awesome new tool that allows you to chart public data, starting with unemployment and population numbers, making the information much more accessible.

The information that Google has charted, as well as the data it plans to add in the future, is already online, and usually available through, yes, a Google search. But finding, then navigating through, the web sites of organizations like the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics can be a pain — I speak from experience, since I was constantly looking for these sorts of numbers in my last job as a small-town government reporter. Google is trying to make it easier to find data through a Google search, and to help users better understand the data with its charts.

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