Happiness is Love. Full stop.


yinYangI was going to put this post on my personal blog, but realized it fit in nicely with the data and emotion concept I have been writing about.  Although data will win, it is relationships which lead to happiness which leads to love.  I’m headed to my 25th year college reunion in a couple weeks and, like the Vailliant study featured in the Atlantic, I will get to participate in and witness the amazing texture of the span of people’s lives.  So hard to predict what works and what doesn’t in the realm of relationships.  Some people need more relationships to be happy and some people can be happy as a loner.  I do think that doing something for your work that you love to do is another important part of happiness.  But what are the best relationships based upon?  Trust, shared interests, shared heritage, shared appreciation…but perhaps also some differences that make for being better together:  caution and adventure, ambition and complacency…this subject is vast.

Op-Ed Columnist – They Had It Made – NYTimes.com

George Vailliant


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