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Fascinating Techcrunch article envisioning a future where streams of data are critical, not the current ponds of pages.  Jump Into The Stream  A couple of thoughts:

  • Reminds me of Heraclitus, who said, “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”  Streams are ever-changing and the most beautiful streams will be sought after.  
  • Reminds me of Clay Shirky’s comment:  “we don’t have information overload, we have filter failure.”  Streams are a way of getting us to filters.  Pick quality streams and you’re on your way to quality data. 
  • Finally, I am reminded that streams and filters are only important in the context of knowing what is important.  This gets at the heart of what is news and, more importantly, what is it that we want to enter our consciousness.  News is not the only thing that healthy and happy adults focus upon:  they focus on their values and their beliefs, their family and friends, their hopes and dreams.  If I have choice over the things that enter my consciousness, then I’m going to pick things that are additive to my values, beliefs, relationships, hopes and dreams.  My point is that we can get all the cool streams and filters for news, but there is a place, somewhere is this fast paced internet world, for the things that each of us has chosen, in our lifetime, to be fundamentally important.  I’m thinking about my favorite books, my goals for the upcoming year, my approach to my most important relationships, my guiding philosophy, my faith.  Streams can overwhelm the consciousness.  I think that people are craving the filters that Clay Shirky is talking about, as well as tools that will help them enhance the most important things in their life.  Sometime in the next five years, I predict a shift towards use of the internet towards helping each of us focus upon the fundamentally important things in each of our lives. 
  • Jump Into The Stream

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