NYT Hires a Social Media Editor


finding forresterMore and more people are getting their news from filtering and alert mechanisms.  Why?  Because it’s easy and gets you to things of relevance to you.  This is more evidence that news is what the reader chooses to be of relevance.  News is like food:  junk food and healthy food are all available.  It’s our choice what we consume.  Filters and alerts are ways of altering your diet of news.  Sick of reading your local paper?  Not hearing news about that key competitor?  Set up a google news alert or subscribe to the RSS feed for your favorite sports team or start following a publication on Twitter or Facebook.  Reminds me of the great line from Finding Forrester where the wise Sean Connery character, a reclusive writer, says to his mentee, who can’t believe he reads the National Enquirer, “The Times is dinner, but the National Enquirer, that’s dessert.”   

Here’s a quote from the internal NYT email:  “the point is that an awful lot of people are finding our work not by coming to our homepage or looking at our newspaper but through alerts and recommendations from their friends and colleagues.” 

The New York Times Hires a Social Media Editor; Does It Need One?

From www.mashable.com.

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