China’s Censors Tackle and Trip Over the Internet


It is interesting to see the extent to which the Chinese government is acting to censor the Internet. Freedom of speech in China is a fuzzy line. I am beginning to think it may be possible for them to corral the cats and succeed. I’m especially fascinated by the armies of people they employ to sway public opinion when dangerous ideas are unleashed on sites. After a few hours, opinion may have snowballed to the point that more serious (and forceful) methods are necessary to bring the situation under control. If China were a single person, I wonder what they would be like? Talented, ambitious, self-disciplined, insecure. Who amongst us does not censor ourselves in what we write? Maybe China is a bit like John Mackay, the CEO of whole foods, who wrote anonymously in favor of his company on a stock discussion site. And just like whole foods, we know from a recent NYT article that china eats more fruits and vegetables than any other country.


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