More Data Coming to Data360


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Data360 to bring you more data. We recently added feeds to the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank that automatically update on our site as soon as new Fed data is published. This new content includes unemployment, interest and exchange rate data as well as information about the US housing market, money supply and other economic indicators. In the near future we’ll be adding data from the World Bank and Bureau of Labor Statistics that together comprise thousands of time-series data feeds. By aggregating this and other information from the world’s leading data publishers under one domain we continue to expand on our mission to let data tell the story.

We strive to be a resource where you can quickly and easily find specific data series of interest as well as explore in-depth data-driven analyses of economic events. To this end, we’ve amassed thousands of data series, graphs and reports and continue to be data-heavy, text-light in our commentary.

There are more exciting changes coming to Data360 in the near future that will help to unlock the full richness of the data we share while making it increasingly accessible to wider audiences.

-Hunter Patterson, Data360


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