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Map of Uninsured Americans

June 28, 2012

17.1% of Americans had no health insurance in 2011. There are a number of states with uninsured percentages over 20% including Texas (27.6 percent), Mississippi (23.5 percent), Florida (22.9%), Oklahoma (22.1%), California (22.0%), and Nevada (21.9%). Massachusetts is the lowest at about 5%.

–From Gallup and The Atlantic Cities

Twenty-City Home Price Index Increases 1.7 Points in April

June 26, 2012

Nearly all markets increased in April’s Case-Shiller Home Price Index Report. The 10-city index climbed 1.89 to 148.4 while the 20-city increased 1.72 to 135.8. However, the 10-city is down 2.2% and the 20-city is down 1.9% compared to April 2011. Detroit was the only declining market in April–falling 2.45 to 65.26. The most notable increases were Washington DC (up 4.89 to 181.3), San Francisco (up 4.27 to 130.21), and Phoenix (up 2.63 to 109.01).

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Causes and Rates of Death, 1900 vs. 2010

June 22, 2012

This fantastic chart shows the number of people per 100,000 who died of various causes in 1900 vs. 2010. The most obvious change is that death rates are collectively much lower than they were 110 years ago. It’s quite striking to see how good humanity has become at extending our lives.

–From the Washington Post

Only 4.2 Jobs Created for Each Million Dollars Profit

June 20, 2012

Private job openings per million dollars corporate profit continues its catastrophic decline. For each million dollars in profit gained by a corporation, only 4.2 jobs are created. This is 73.9% lower than April 2011 and 93% than four years ago in April 2008. Essentially, although companies are making more money, they are essentially not creating jobs with increases in profitability.

Job Openings Down 8.7% in April

June 19, 2012

Giving more teeth to the rough May job numbers, the April job openings and labor turnover report showed contracting employment in April. Total nonfarm job openings fell 325,000, or 8.7%, to 3.42 million. Hires dropped 160,000, or 3.7%, to 4.18 million. However, compared to last year both are up: openings increased 13% since April 2011 while hires rose 4%. Separations also declined, falling 81,000 to 4.09 million. Finance / Insurance and Information saw the only job opening gains, rising by 4,000 and 7,000, respectively.

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Manufacturing Capacity Utilization Falls .3% in May

June 15, 2012

Continuing the dour May data releases, capacity utilization fell .3% to 78.2% in May. Utilization has been above 78% since January and is trending positive overall: it’s up 3.3% over May 2011 and 6.7% over 2010. Overall capacity utilization fell .2% to 79% and industrial production stumbled down .1%.

–From the Federal Reserve

Consumer Price Index for All Items Shrinks .65, Energy Causes Decline

June 14, 2012

The consumer price index for all items fell .65 points in May to 228.53, up 1.73% from May 2011. The CPI for all items less food and energy rose .46 points to 229.45, up 2.23% from last May. The CPI of gasoline fell 12.14 points to 323.6, down 3.97% from the previous year.

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Average US Temperatures Rising Rapidly

June 13, 2012

Although average temperatures have been rising over the last century, the pace has increased substantially since 1970. This map shows the change in degrees Fahrenheit per decade by state.

Trade Deficit Shrinks $2.6 Billion in April

June 8, 2012

The US’ trade deficit shrank $2.6 billion in April to $50 billion, according to today’s trade balance report. Although imports from China rose $1.5 billion, there were a number of significant import drops. Japanese imports dropped $1.9 billion, Mexican imports slipped $1.7 billions, and Canadian imports fell $1.5 billion, and all other countries dropped slightly. Exports fell as well, with the UK falling $2.4 billion, Canada dropping $1.5, and Mexico shrinking by $1.3 billion.

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Gas Prices at Four Month Low

June 6, 2012

Weekly gas prices fell $0.057 this week to $3.612. This is the 9th straight week of price declines and the lowest price since February. Gas is $0.169 cents cheaper than the first week of June 2011, though the CPI has increased 1.94% over the same period up till April, the last month of CPI data available.