The Myth of Meritocracy in American Education





Fascinating article from American Conservative about admissions to the leading universities in America. Several memorable points:
– Asians have been under-represented in leading universities in the past twenty years. Asians are “the new Jews.” They’re striving and hungry, but not getting in because other ethnicities are getting in.
– Jews have been over-represented in the past twenty or so years relative to their demonstrated abilities, as shown by their National Merit Scholarship awards.
– Jews are over-represented as leaders of leading universities. Jews are also controllers of American media and the author alleges a connection between this leadership and the over-acceptance of Jews in leading universities.
– Wesleyan admissions policies denigrated, as were admissions officers in general.
– admission is based upon “leadership”, legacy, a liberal bias and connections, which often means parental potential to donate, as well as the personal interests of admissions officers, who are reflected as a low-paid, low-intellect group who might also be flight attendants (he loses me, and I’m sure others, with this sarcastic thread).
– author Ron Unz thinks an alternative admissions system would have an inner ring of admittances based upon pure academic ability and an outer ring based upon random lottery amongst a larger group who’ve met a academic hurdle.

Thanks to David Brooks for highlighting this article.


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