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Home Prices Increasing, Home Ownership Rates Still Low

July 30, 2013

Home prices increased at least 1.2% in each city in the home price index. However, ownership rates are still at a low of 65%. These two data points seem in conflict–with prices rising even though ownership rates are still low. Perhaps this reflects the rise in real estate hedge funds in the past two years.

–from Bloomberg, FRED, and MarketWatch

Wealth has a Powerful Effect on Health

July 29, 2013

This incredible chart shows the relationship between family income and health (a smaller x value is better). According to the data, the wealthiest 45-54 year old Americans report better health than the poorest teenagers. In other words, income is a better predictor of good health than youth.

-from The Incidental Economist

Is Good Data Visualization Indistinguishable from Art?

July 24, 2013

Excellent data visualizations, properly presented, are both informative and beautiful. Consider these two images, one of which is a work of art and the other is a data visualization. Which is which? Click through to find the answer and see more examples.


North Dakota is the Modern Horatio Alger Story Setting

July 22, 2013



This fascinating map shows the likelihood that a child from the bottom fifth of income will rise to the top fifth. In much of the Southeastern US, the likelihood is significantly lower than most of the country. Most notable, however, is North Dakota, which thanks to its persistently low unemployment rate, growing energy sector, and strong social policies provides essentially a one in three chance of moving to the top.

–from The New York Times

Global Population Shifts in the Next Century

July 16, 2013


Over the next 100 years the Earth’s population distribution is set to change radically, with China declining after 2030 and Nigeria, with the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, skyrocketing. Click through for an extensive collection of additional graphs.

–from The Washington Post with data from the UN

Half of American Tax Filers Earn Less than $30,000

July 11, 2013




Click through for an incredible graphic explanation of American tax payers. or download the PDF.


Political Spending Before and After the Citizens United Ruling

July 10, 2013

The amount of money spent on political campaigning increased enormously as a result of the Citizens United case.

–from The Brookings Insitute

Liquor Consumption across the World

July 3, 2013