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The Labor Force Participation Rate Continues Its Decline

August 29, 2013



Even though the unemployment rate continues a gradual improvement, the labor force participation rate has been steadily declining since 2007. This means that a much of the decrease in unemployment comes from people who are no longer looking for work and thus are no longer part of the labor force. This is hugely problematic and continues to worsen.

–from The New York Times

Middle-Income Jobs Decreasing since 2010

August 26, 2013

Some of the biggest middle-income careers have been losing jobs since 2010, while those at the top and bottom of the pay scale have been increasing. In particular, teaching and construction have declined by more than 150,000 combined the past few years while low-wage, low-skill positions like food preparation and personal care have greatly increased.

–from The International Business Times

Prices for Rarities and Valuables Increasing

August 20, 2013



The prices of most major forms of rarities and valuables are increasing, especially classic cars. The red line shows The Economists new valuables index. Click through for an interactive version.

–from The Economist

Solar Power’s Increasing Vaule

August 14, 2013

Solar power is a focus of US military research and numerous market expansions and the technology is rapidly advancing. From the article: “We believe the solar sector is at an inflection point,” says Vishal Shah from Deutsche Bank. “It has passed the tipping point for grid parity in 10 major markets worldwide.”

–from The Telegraph (UK)

Public School Costs Rising while Test Scores Remain Flat

August 9, 2013

The cost of a public education has been rising enormously with essentially no test score gains since 1970.


Changing Living Patterns of Young Americans

August 8, 2013