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Television Viewing in Decline

November 26, 2013

With the exception of a viewership boost from the Olympics in 2012, viewership has been declining since 2011.

–from Business InsiderĀ 

US Healthcare Most Expensive, Not Most Effective

November 25, 2013

The US has the highest health care costs in the OECD, but has a lower life expectancy. It’s a significant outlier.

–data from OECD

Divergent Income Growth for 99% and 1%

November 20, 2013


This chart shows the decline of wage growth for most Americans, which really fell compared to the richest Americans beginning in 1998. Growth flattened starting in the 1960’s when large numbers of women starting working.


Distribution of PG-13 Movie Rating

November 18, 2013

Since their inception in 1984, the PG-13 rating has slowly squeezed out both R and PG ratings with its supposed middle-ground of content. As the gross revenue for movies by rating shows, they have clearly been making much of the money. It’s also worth noting that 1995’s Showgirls was the last NC-17 rated film to make enough money to show up on the revenues chart.

–from Visual-Stastix on Tubmlr


Non-Metro Areas Experiencing No Employment Growth

November 15, 2013

There has been no employment growth in non-metro counties in the past year. Indeed, since the recovery began, suburban and rural areas have been almost entirely left out of the benefits.

–from The Washington Post

Proportion of Americans Living in Middle-Income Neighborhoods Decreasing

November 14, 2013

The proportion of people living in middle income neighborhoods is down from 65% in 1970 to 42%, a substantial decline and evidence of the stratification of American society.

–from Mother Jones

Metros with the Most Educated Residents

November 13, 2013


There are only a handful of outlier metros that educated Americans are moving to, most notably the Bay Area and Raleigh, NC. The biggest and most well-known college towns (Ann Arbor, Ithaca, Ames, etc.) have extremely high shares of educated residents, largely due to their academic company-town environments. Click through for a searchable, interactive version.


Unemployment is Highly Divided by Race

November 12, 2013

Racial unemployment rates have long been stratified, but since the recession began and the rates briefly closed in, they have been separating again, with unemployment for black Americans reaching 16%.

–from The Atlantic

Americans Have Highest Disposable Income in OECD

November 8, 2013

A new OECD study out today shows that Americans have the highest disposable income, but have a below (OECD) average life span, and twice the percentage of people who work over 50 hours a week compared to Canada.

–from The Atlantic and the OECD

Presidential Voter Turnout Rates

November 7, 2013

Presidential voting turnout rates slowly declined beginning in 1960, before sharply spiking during the 2008 election.