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The US Was Once an Emerging Market

April 29, 2014

Before 1870, the US was an emerging market and emerged quickly and enormously in the fifty years after, as China and India waned in GDP.

–from Above the Market

American Middle Class Now Poorer than Canadian Counterparts

April 23, 2014

US Middle Income

The Canadian median per capita income is up nearly 20% since 2000 and has recently passed the US. However, the US still has the second highest and is expected to remain so for some time.

–from The New York Times

Gasoline Use and Urban Density

April 22, 2014

The denser the city, the less gasoline used per person. Although the absolute amount can still be incredibly high with high density, if the population is high enough.

–from Wikipedia

The Rise of Farming Tractors During the Twentieth Century

April 21, 2014

This chart shows the rise of tractor adoption across the twentieth century. The market for farming horses and mules essentially collapsed over a period of only fifty years–by 1960 about 90% of horses were replaced with tractors.

–from The Conversable Economist

Who Benefits the Most from Tax Breaks?

April 16, 2014

Who benefits the most from tax breaks? The answer is, generally, the upper middle class and above who benefit enormously from deductions and exclusions.

–from The Atlantic

US Demographics Shifting from Age Pyramid to Rectangle

April 15, 2014

US Pop 1950US Pop 2060

Between now and 2060, the progression towards a demographic “rectangle,” rather than the traditional triangle shown in 1950, will have taken shape. These are part of an extensive and insightful Pew Research project about shifting US age and race demography.

–from Pew Research

Stay at Home Moms on the Rise

April 11, 2014

Since 1999, the share of stay at home moms has increased 6%, though it is still down 20% since 1967.

–from the Pew Research Center

Top Earners Gain Income from Capital, not Labor

April 10, 2014

While most of the top 10% of Americans gain their wealth through labor, the deeper one goes into the top 1%, the more income is derived from capital.


Women’s Employment Above Pre-Recession Peak

April 9, 2014

Employment levels for women have increased above their pre-recession peak, but men continue to find less employment than they did prior to the start of the recession.

from the Wall St Journal

Generational Support for Marijuana Legalization

April 8, 2014

Support for marijuana legalization has grown strikingly amongst millenials, of whom 70% support legalization efforts.

–from the Pew Research Center