About Data360

We help educate, not advocate, with free, data-driven, visual reports.

Data360 was born of the frustration of reading newspapers and magazines, which can often be both dramatic and painfully slow for getting to the heart of a matter.  Data360 has been architected by businesspeople with the goal of making it easy for readers to objectively understand topics of interest.  Data360 has been called a “data dashboard for a democratic society,” an “online data almanac” and a “wiki for data.” We encourage you to look over our site and would be grateful for any feedback.

Webster Systems, LLC dba Data360
1 Maritime Plaza, Suite 1545
San Francisco, CA94111

Tom Paper  tom@websterpacific.com  415-733-9740

Webster Pacific LLC
Strategic and financial consulting to entreprenuers.


4 Responses to “About Data360”

  1. Amy Webb Says:

    Jamie, Stephanie, Tom…

    Just found Data360 and I love the concept and your mission. I’ll look forward to seeing what you add as the weeks go on…exciting concept!

    Amy Webb

    Amy L. Webb
    webbmedia, LLC
    Strategies for digital content planning, delivery and design.

    Office: 410.327.7658
    Mobile: 267.342.4300
    Instant Message: wasabiona

    Consulting Blog: http://www.mydigimedia.com
    Company: http://www.webbmediagroup.com
    Schedule: http://www.mydigimedia.com/map.html
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/amywebb

  2. tom paper Says:

    Amy – thanks so much for your feedback…you know, I was going to contact you because I had recently come across your website. We would love to give you a tour sometime and tell you about more about Data360 and our coming new features. All the best, Tom tom@data360.org

  3. Your Mom Says:

    This is looking great and I’m doing my best to understand the content but I’m afraid you’re WAY ahead of your old Momma.
    Good for you!

  4. YogeekGreenParrot Says:


    I had created http://closeup360.blogspot.com/ with a similar motive like yours. Chek it out…I will take some inspiration from you as well.


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