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Much of the US Southwest Still in Drought Conditions

October 6, 2014


Much of the US has been in a serious drought for the past few years. Although it is indeed severe in California, the intensity of this drought is not yet as serious as the famed dust bowl of the 1930’s. Click through for interactive maps and an extensive history of American droughts.

–from The New York Times


California’s Troubled Water Supply

March 21, 2014

California’s water supply issues are not new. As the population continues increasing, the water supply has been receding since the late 1990’s, with a recent and dramatic decline in the past few years.

California’s Winter Snow Pack at Dangerous Low; Droughts Ahead

January 16, 2014



California’s winter snow pack is dangerously low this January, leading to series concerns of droughts this year. The water from this snow pack creates 65% of the state’s water and some hydroelectric power.

–from The Atlantic and the USDA

Unemployment Down to 3% in North Dakota

April 20, 2012

In the ongoing, impressive employment situation in North Dakota, this northern state’s employment rate fell another .1% to 3% in March. Comparatively, California’s employment rate increased .1% to 11%.

–from the St. Louis Federal Reserve and the Bureau of Labor Statistics