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American Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Climbing after Two Decades of Stagnation

July 17, 2014

Fuel efficiency in American automobiles has been rapidly increasing since 2007, when the US passed a law requiring a MPG of 35 by 2020. It had previously spiked in the 1970’s from similar legislation, but stagnated for decades before the recent run-up.

–from Citylab.comĀ 


Prices for Rarities and Valuables Increasing

August 20, 2013



The prices of most major forms of rarities and valuables are increasing, especially classic cars. The red line shows The Economists new valuables index. Click through for an interactive version.

–from The Economist

Americans under Twenty-Five Have Lowest Debt Level since 1995

April 22, 2013


Americans are continuing to de-leverage and this trend is very clear in a recent New York Fed study that shows fewer young people are buying houses are cars, although nearly 45% of them are attending college.

–from The Atlantic

How American Spending Habits Change with Age

November 30, 2012
Plastic Dinnerware spending with age

Plastic Dinnerware Spending by Age

Spending on New Cars by Age

Spending on New Cars by Age


Spending habits change over a person’s life: people generally buy nicer and more expensive items as they get older. Following are some interesting highlights from The Atlantic’s thirty five graphs showing spending plotted against age. Click through any image to see the rest.

–from The Atlantic

Americans Driving Fewer Miles Each Year

November 8, 2012



Since 2005, Americans have driven fewer miles each year. During all previous recessions, driving fell during the recession and then climbed back upward. During the previous recession, however, the situation changed immensely: driven miles began to decline prior to the recession and sharply declined after recovery started. In other words, this change in driving is likely a long-term trend rather than a recession-related pattern.

–From DC Streets Blog