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Income Share of Top 1% by Geographic Region

February 4, 2015

Income share of top 1% by geographical location

According to Economic Policy Institute, the Northeastern United States holds the highest share of the top 1% income, followed by the West Coast. The Midwest holds the lowest share.

–Source The Economic Policy Institute



Small Age Gap between Spouses Lowers Likelihood of Divorce

November 13, 2014

A study, published by The Atlantic, suggests that the larger the age gap between a person and their spouse, the higher the chances that the marriage will end in divorce.  As the figure suggests, if spouses have one year age gap they are 3% more likely to get divorced than individuals who are of the same age. If the age difference crosses twenty years, the couples are over 172% more likely to get divorced.

–From The Atlantic

US Demographics Shifting from Age Pyramid to Rectangle

April 15, 2014

US Pop 1950US Pop 2060

Between now and 2060, the progression towards a demographic “rectangle,” rather than the traditional triangle shown in 1950, will have taken shape. These are part of an extensive and insightful Pew Research project about shifting US age and race demography.

–from Pew Research

Changing Living Patterns of Young Americans

August 8, 2013