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Income and Children in London

April 7, 2015

London has highly concentrated wealth in its central boroughs, with average incomes in Kensington and Chelsea and the City of London at £137,000 and £117,000, respectively. Barking and Dagenham has the lowest average income: £22,800. Income in London is highly, inversely correlated with the number of children per adult. Barking and Dagenham has almost twice the number of children per adult (.33) compared to Kensington and Chelsea (.17). While the idea that wealthier families have fewer children has been extensively studied, the scale of difference here is quite striking.

–Source: 2011 UK Census
–Created by: Staff at Webster Pacific


London Income

London Scatter

Where Is The Wealth In Miami-Dade County?

March 27, 2015

When it comes to wealth and Miami-Dade County, it’s all about the coast. The greatest density of wealth is found in Miami along all the coastal areas, with the following exceptions: the area due North of Edgewater (5) up to Aventura (30) and Sunny Isles Beach (28), as well as the area South of Palmetto Bay (81).

Map-Miami vQL4

Miami Census Data— Source: ACS

— Compiled by: Staff at Webster Pacific

Which Neighborhood In San Francisco Has the Highest Average Income?

March 3, 2015

What neighborhood has the highest average income in the City of San Francisco? Surprisingly, it’s not the well-known neighborhoods in the Northern part of San Francisco like Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Cow Hollow or the Marina. It’s actually West Twin Peaks and Noe Valley, both in the Southern part of the city. We would surmise this has something to do with the explosion of wealth in Silicon Valley and the desire of dot-commers to live in San Francisco. Worth noting is Portrero Hill and Bernal Heights, also in the Southern part of the city and also with significant average income.

Of course, if you go North to Marin or South to San Mateo County, you will find neighborhoods with substantially higher average incomes.

Image 1 - San Francisco, Marin & San Mateo Average Income Map

Image 1 – San Francisco, Marin & San Mateo Average Income Map

Image 2 - San Francisco Area Census Data

Image 2 – San Francisco Area Census Data

— Data Source: ACS (American Community Survey)

— Compiled by: Staff at Webster Pacific

High Urban Income Segregation Lowers Mobility

December 9, 2013

American cities with highly segregated incomes cause significantly lower income mobility. Atlanta, New York, and DC are among the most segregated while Boston, Denver, and San Diego are among the lowest.

–from The Atlantic Cities

Income by Religious Affiliation

October 10, 2012

This chart of income groupings by religious affiliation shows there are substantial religious income/class/race divisions across the major American religions. Jews have the highest percentage of people making over $100,000 (46%) with Hindus not far behind (43%).  Historically black protestant churches have by far the poorest members, with 47% of congregant incomes below $30,000.

–From the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

The Top 1% of Americans Caught 93% of 2010 Income Gains

March 5, 2012

In 2010, the first post-recession year, the top 1% took in 93% of all income gains seen in that year, according to a UC Berkeley study by Emmanuel Saez. During 2010, income for the bottom 99% increased .2% while the top saw one-year income gains of 11.6%.

–From Rortybomb and UC Berkeley

US Household Income Slides

September 14, 2011

Great graph from WSJ about income and wealth in the US, following release of information by Census that median constant dollar earnings per worker have decreased to 1996 levels. I was surprised to see top 5% income has pretty much stayed same for past 20 years. I would be curious to know what the top 1% has done in that same time period.