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Minimum Wages Hikes Have Short-Term Negative Effects on Teens

January 27, 2014

US teen employment usually trends downward after a minimum wage hike, but only temporarily. In 1996, however, it continued climbing after the hike. The 2007 teen employment downturn was hugely exacerbated by the recession.

–from Idiosyncratic Whisk


Minimum Wage Keeps Americans Below Poverty Line

December 6, 2013

In 1968, minimum wage kept a family of three above the poverty line. In 2013, it cannot keep a family of two out of poverty. The dashed prediction is based on the new proposed minimum wage law.

The Atlantic Cities

Minimum Wage Restaurant Work Costs Taxpayers $7 Billion a Year

October 18, 2013

More than 40% of food service workers get some form of government subsidy, mostly due to low wages and part-time work.


Minimum Wage in 1968 has Same Buying Power as $10.58 Today

December 17, 2012

CPI calculator


This great calculator released by the BLS allows a user to compare inflation over time. For comparison here, the minimum wage in 1968 ($1.60 an hour) is equal to $10.58 in 2012 dollars. Of course, the Federal minimum wage today is $7.25.

Click through the picture to try it.

–from the Bureau of Labor Statistics