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The World Cup of Everything (Except Soccer)

June 12, 2014


This interactive visualization at the Wall Street Journal shows who “wins” in a variety of variable match-ups from having the highest murder rate to eating the most beans. Population is shown above.

–From The Wall Street Journal


Global Population Shifts in the Next Century

July 16, 2013


Over the next 100 years the Earth’s population distribution is set to change radically, with China declining after 2030 and Nigeria, with the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, skyrocketing. Click through for an extensive collection of additional graphs.

–from The Washington Post with data from the UN

Nigeria Predicted to Have more People than USA in 2050

June 26, 2013


The United States is expected to become the 4th most populous country in the world, behind China, India, and Nigeria, by 2050. In addition, India is predicted to outgrow China.

–from The Economist

TED Talk: Are Droids Taking Our Jobs?

September 27, 2012

This fascinating TED talk explains the current trends in productivity and profitability with a comparative lack of growth in jobs per capita. In short, advances in technology are replacing people in all job sectors, but McAfee argues that this is a good thing and we are only in the initial stages. Guiding this change will be a distinctly 21st century issue and this talk explains, with extensive use of economic, population, and historical data, how computing advances will radically alter our futures.

US Population Distribution by Age, 1950-2050

May 2, 2012