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Price of Essentials Increasing While Prices for Gadgets Continue Precipitous Decline

May 5, 2014

In the past decade, prices for televisions fell more than 100%, while college tuition rose 40% and many essential items and services rose.

–from The Atlantic


Textbook Prices Grow at more than Three Times CPI

December 20, 2013

The CPI of educational books has increased 812% since 1978, while the entire CPI has only increased 250%. Click through for a nuanced and interesting discussion of educational textbook economics.


American Food Spending 1984-2011

March 11, 2013


The American grocery bill has been steadily shrinking since 1984. Americans now spend less of a percentage of income on food than any other nation (11.2%).

–from Business Week

A Visualization of Black Friday Prices

November 22, 2012