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Majority of Men’s Real Wages Down over Last Forty Years

March 17, 2014

For all men below the 70th income percentile, real wages have declined since 1973, with growing disparity towards the bottom of income distribution.

–from The New York Times


Americans Have Highest Disposable Income in OECD

November 8, 2013

A new OECD study out today shows that Americans have the highest disposable income, but have a below (OECD) average life span, and twice the percentage of people who work over 50 hours a week compared to Canada.

–from The Atlantic and the OECD

Minimum Wage Restaurant Work Costs Taxpayers $7 Billion a Year

October 18, 2013

More than 40% of food service workers get some form of government subsidy, mostly due to low wages and part-time work.


The Future of Jobs

June 14, 2013

MIT Economist Andrew McAfree discusses how the future of work in an age of increasingly intelligent machines will have radical economic and social implications.

–from TED

Earnings of American Men Down 19% Since 1970

October 23, 2012


US male worker wages have slightly declined since 1970, but the median male wages fallen 19% since 1970. Much worse, however, are men with only a high school education, their wages have fallen a staggering 41% since 1970. Women’s wages increased 71% between 1970 and 2010, but the median wage has dropped 7% since 2000.

–From the New York Times