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Median American Household Lost 40% of Wealth since 2007

December 16, 2014

Americans have 40% less net worth than before the recession, dropping from a median $135,700 in 2007 to $81,400. White households lost 26% of their net worth. Black households fared much worse, with their median net worth dropping 43%, while the median Hispanic-American household’s worth dropped 42%.


The Wealthiest US High School Dropouts Make Similar Money to Poor College Graduates

October 20, 2014


Wealthy high school graduates make similar incomes to poor college graduates. Nearly the same amount of rich dropouts stay in the top income quintile as poor graduates stay in the bottom (14% vs. 16%). Cumulative advantage (or disadvantage) is still noticeably present for the wealthy, even those who academically strive the least.

–from The Washington Post

Half of Millenials Worth $10,400 or Less

September 5, 2014


Half of Americans under age 35 have a net worth of $10,400 or less, compared to average $81,200 for all families. Strikingly, Americans with a college degree have a median wealth $167,000 higher than those with only a high school diploma.

–from The Wall St Journal

Private School Enrollment Rates High for America’s Wealthy Families

August 15, 2014


Approximately 26% of children in households making more than $200,000 attend private schools. New Orleans has the highest percentage of children in high schools, at 25%. Click through to read the excellent, broad study of America’s private school market. The linked study does not cover charter schools, which are an important, free alternative to poor traditional public schools.

–from The Atlantic

Majority of Americans Lost Wealth in the Past Thirty Years

July 28, 2014


American median household wealth has declined 20% since 1984, in 2013 dollars. While the 75 percentile and higher gained wealth since then, the majority of Americans lost money over those thirty years. As a striking example, the median wealth fell from $87,992 in 2003 to $56,335 today.

–from Stanford

Top Earners Gain Income from Capital, not Labor

April 10, 2014

While most of the top 10% of Americans gain their wealth through labor, the deeper one goes into the top 1%, the more income is derived from capital.


Incomes for the Top .01% Rising Ever Upward

February 13, 2014


Though the income for the top 1% have remained comparatively flat, the incomes for the top .1% and .01% of Americans have launched, keeping a steady pace with stock market gains.

–from The Atlantic

Richest .7% Have More than Twice the Wealth of the Bottom 90%

January 22, 2014

The richest .7% of the world’s population controls $99 trillion dollars, while the next 7.7% owns another $102 trillion. The bottom two-thirds, by comparison, own $7.

–from CNN

The Gatsby Curve and Inequality

December 19, 2013

The Gatsby Curve, or the relationship between inequality and inherited wealth, places the US in a very unequal position comparable to Spain, the UK, or Italy.

–from Business Week 

Wealth has a Powerful Effect on Health

July 29, 2013

This incredible chart shows the relationship between family income and health (a smaller x value is better). According to the data, the wealthiest 45-54 year old Americans report better health than the poorest teenagers. In other words, income is a better predictor of good health than youth.

-from The Incidental Economist